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Can Your Dentures Improve the Health of Your Jaw?
Posted on 5/20/2019 by Front Desk
People lose teeth for many reasons. Some are due to injury, others are disease and others simply aren't caring for their teeth as they should. Regardless of the reason you are losing your teeth, at some point in your life you may need dentures to continue to enjoy the food you like. If you have missing teeth and do not do anything to correct the situation, such as getting implants, your jaw can lose bone mass. The act of chewing is what keep your teeth and jaws strong. It is similar to exercise. Harder impact exercise like jumping jacks make your bones stronger than passive exercise like swimming. Your jawbones are no different. They need the exercise to keep the bone strong and dense. If your jawbone does not get this exercise your appearance can change because your jawbone could begin to snag. This is where dentures come in. What Do Dentures Do?If you have missing teeth and decide to get dentures first your mouth will be evaluated. Are all of the teeth gone or do remnants of the teeth remain? Must these remnants be removed or can they stay without affecting the way the dentures fit? If additional teeth need to be pulled they will. If it can be avoided that will also happen. After the evaluation is completed, what is called an alveoplasty may be done. This smooths the ridges of your jawline to make the dentures fit better. If your dentures fit well, they will be able to mimic the natural teeth in their job of keeping your jawbone well exercised. If you have any problems with your dentures, the way they fit or problems chewing, you should immediately contact us to make the necessary adjustments. If you would like an evaluation or further information, please contact us. We' are happy to help with your decision....

Will Everyone Eventually Have Dentures?
Posted on 5/10/2019 by Front Desk
Do you believe that dentures are an inevitability for everyone? There may have been a time where this was true, but that is no longer the case. Dental care has come a long way since then. Today, you have several options should you lose a tooth, plus you have more options when it comes to healing a tooth and keeping it, than you ever did in the past. It is important that you understand how to care for your teeth to keep them for as long as possible. The better you care for your teeth, the less likely you are to ever have to wear dentures. How to Best Care for Your Original TeethIf you want to avoid wearing dentures, then you need to be careful when it comes to the teeth you were born with. First, this means taking the time to brush them two times each day. This is a very important part of helping your teeth last. Next, you also need to make sure to floss them properly at least once daily. This is not a now-and-again style hygiene recommendation. Flossing needs to be part of your daily oral hygiene routine. Finally, you also need to make sure that you rinse your entire mouth with mouthwash once per day. This should be done after flossing if you want the best benefit out of it. You also need to make sure that you see your dentist every six months for a cleaning, exam, and to repair any issues with your teeth right away. If you have any issues with a tooth where it needs to come out, then make an appointment to come in and see us. We can restore that missing tooth to keep the rest of your teeth as healthy as possible. Call our office today to find out more!...

You Can Wear Only One Set of Dentures
Posted on 4/20/2019 by Front Desk
We often find that when patients think about dentures, they imagine a completely false set of teeth. While this is something that is required from time to time, there are so many other possible variables. Did you know that you can have a denture on only one side of your mouth? How about only an upper denture? It's possible! Let's look at some of the common combinations we see in our office and find a solution for your missing teeth. Improve Your Oral HealthDentures not only restore your smile, they improve your overall oral health. Having missing teeth on one side or missing all of the teeth on either the top or bottom arch can lead to complications with your remaining teeth. If the existing teeth have nothing to stop them, such as other teeth, they begin to shift in the mouth losing their place. Eventually, they can fall out as well, even if they're healthy. For this reason, our office encourages you to come in and see us if you're in need of a partial denture. A removable prosthetic device can be made to fit the upper arch if you're missing those teeth. Or perhaps you suffered an injury to the face and are missing the teeth on one side of the mouth? These can be replaced by a partial dental prosthetic. The important thing is to maintain the integrity of the remaining teeth in the mouth, and this is achieved by wearing dentures or a partial denture in place of the missing teeth. Keeping the surrounding teeth healthy is essential for good oral health, even after you've received an upper or lower denture. Brushing twice daily, scheduling regular cleanings and checkups with our office and maintaining good oral health will help your smile last for years, no matter how it's constructed. Call us today....

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