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Dental Crowns in Walnut Creek, CA

Dental equipment used for producing Dental Crowns from the Dental Implant Center at Walnut Creek in Walnut Creek, CAWe use our teeth multiple times a day, to eat, to speak, and even to help us show off our smile. When a tooth is in disrepair, it is painfully obvious to us, and sometimes even to those, we engage with. Our team at the Dental Implant Center at Walnut Creek can bring your teeth back to health, restoring damage from decay, fracture, or even missing, with the placement of a dental crown or bridge. Dr. Keith and Dr. Gibbs can help with a restoration that is customized to fit you.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a customized piece designed to fully encase a tooth that has become weakened or damaged. Sometimes referred to as caps, crowns can restore teeth in both shape and function. We use them to restore teeth that are:
•  Fractured: Teeth can become broken, chipped, or fractured. This can result in pain if the dentin is exposed. Broken teeth can also leave sharp spots in the enamel that can cut the soft tissue in your mouth or be uncomfortable. The largest problem with cracked teeth is that it creates an opening for bacteria to reach the inner portion of your tooth, leading to infection. Some fractures are obvious, or sometimes the patient has developed hairline fractures which may be less noticeable but still leaves the tooth vulnerable.
•  Large Fillings: Having a tooth filled after the removal of decay, or filling a cavity, is important, but filling material is not as strong as enamel. If the patient experiences a large portion of the tooth requiring repair, it is best to then shield or protect the tooth with a dental crown. Crowns are designed to provide added strength and protection to the original tooth structure, this can add years to the life of the tooth.
•  Root Canal Therapy: Root Canal therapy can be a much needed dental procedure to save a tooth after the pulp has become infected. The downside to this procedure is that the natural tooth is now weakened and can even become brittle with time. We recommend a dental crown to be placed over a tooth following root canal therapy to protect the original tooth structure with added strength.

By placing a crown, we are shielding the original tooth structure, and returning your tooth to its natural shape, color, and function. Depending on the location of the tooth we are covering, there are multiple options for materials used for your crown varying in strength and the aesthetics. Your customized crown may be fabricated from various materials including ceramic, porcelain that has been fused to gold or metal, zirconium, or full gold.

Having a crown placed takes two office visits. At the first visit, we will create an impression or mold of the tooth and surrounding area, we want to capture the bite and shape of the tooth. During this first appointment, we will place a temporary crown to provide the strength needed while the finished product is being fabricated.

Once we receive the finished permanent crown, we will contact you for an appointment. Your new crown is fitted, we can make adjustments as needed, and then permanently cemented in place. We will check the bond at all future dental checkups.
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Our team can bring your teeth back to health, restoring damage from decay, fracture, or even missing, with a customized dental crown. Book an appointment today!
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