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Full Mouth Reconstruction
Walnut Creek, CA

Older man smiling about his Full Mouth Reconstruction procedure in Walnut Creek, CAA full mouth reconstruction consists of making multiple dental restorations using a combination of techniques. Our dentists, Dr. Keith and Dr. Gibbs, can help. As specialized prosthodontists, they are board-certified through the American Board of Prosthodontics to provide you excellent care in restoring your missing teeth, and reconstructing your entire oral cavity, providing beauty and function.

When a patient has several missing teeth or is experiencing severe deterioration of most of their teeth, our team at the Dental Implant Center at Walnut Creek can create a treatment plan using a combination of crowns, bridges, and dental implants to reconstruct their teeth and bring their oral health back to health.

How Did This Kind of Damage Happen?

The oral cavity is a dynamic entity in which changes take place, sometimes quickly but more often slowly over time. Damage that has been done from years before can take its toll. Missing teeth can seem fine, but then your remaining teeth may shift and cause your bite to be disrupted, or you may begin to experience jaw pain or even migraines. Gum disease may worsen to a level of chronic periodontitis, causing teeth to feel loose in your mouth, shift and eventually fall out. Old root canals that were never crowned can become brittle, fracture and break. The wear and tear we have done to our teeth over the years eventually show significant damage. One day, you may wake up and look in the mirror and wonder, "How did my mouth ever come to look like this?"

Whether it is from a traumatic impact injury, periodontal disease, shifting teeth, a lifetime of neglect, destructive unconscious grinding or clenching, or just a lifetime of multiple dental procedures done, comprehensive treatment may be the answer.

What Can Be Done to Help Restore My Teeth?

Most dental restorations are done with prosthetics, meaning outside devices or structures that are designed for your use. We use these devices to restore mastication, or chewing, improve patient's aesthetics, and aid in speech and comfort. These devices include:
•  Dental Crowns: Used to cover weakened or fractured teeth, crowns act as a shield for a tooth, protecting the original structure while restoring its function.
•  Dental Bridges: We can place false teeth in empty spaces by creating a bridge with healthy teeth or implants to secure the prosthetic.
•  Tooth Implants: Implants have rapidly become the preferred way to replace missing teeth. We can replace one or even all of your teeth in varying ways using dental implants.
•  Partial and Full Dentures: We can design the best plan of treatment for you, based on your needs, including full dentures.

It may be time to consider your oral health as a whole and seek comprehensive treatment. Coming to a prosthodontist means that you are seeking the care of experts in managing the increased complexity of multiple tooth treatments.

For more information, contact our Walnut Creek office at (925) 266-3550. Our specialists, Dr. Keith and Dr. Gibbs can create a plan with you, your finances, and your end goal in mind.
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Dental Implant Center at Walnut Creek: Full Mouth Reconstruction
Missing teeth? Our team at Dental Implant Center at Walnut Creek will create a treatment plan using crowns, bridges, and dental implants to reconstruct...
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